Wealth planning

We’ll help you secure your financial future
Our special 4 step wealth planning approach leaves nothing to chance
Over 30 years experience in wealth planning and business improvement
We’ll help you establish an income plan
We help you with a financial growth plan
We show you how to preserve and protect your wealth so you can enjoy it!
At Odyssey Business Knowledge we can help you with wealth planning. The process we use has been designed specifically to assist you manage, invest and plan your wealth.

Our 4 step approach ensures that we understand exactly where you are now and what your goals and needs are, then map out strategic solutions to help you get there.

Because wealth planning is a long term approach we work with you to help you implement the strategies over time and analyse the results along the way to make sure you’re on track to achieve your financial goals.

The first step in wealth planning is to have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, which involves analysis of your current situation to truly understand what your ambitions, needs and wants are for your wealth.

Once you know WHERE you want to be, we now focus on HOW to make it happen. This involves a plan around how you make or earn your money – both individually or through business or investments. All this is done with your short term and long term goals and objectives in mind.

Growing your income requires an investment plan and that’s the next step we help you with. We review a range of investment vehicles that would best fit with your wealth plan and assist you in implementing them as required.

An effective strategy for wealth planning is utilising debt. Although most people look unfavourably on debt, having a sound debt plan can actually help you accelerate your wealth. We have knowledge and experience in utilising home equity, credit cards, personal loans, investments debt, all available loan options and debt serviceability.

Once you’ve created your wealth you need to know how best to preserve it and protect it. With the right structures in place you’ll be reassured that no matter what happens your wealth is safe.

There’s no point in building wealth if you can’t enjoy it so we ensure you will be able to live a comfortable retirement and enjoy the things you want to do. We can help you plan ahead if you want to stop working and retire early.

Whatever your financial goals, we can help. Contact us at our Perth and Gold Coast office on 1800 625 287 and speak to us about our professional wealth planning service to build and safeguard your financial future.