Bookkeeping – Software Setup

To simplify your bookkeeping tasks, Odyssey Business Knowledge will discuss the different software options available and work out the right bookkeeping software solution for your business.

Using the right technology for your business will enable you to have accurate and timely financial information at your fingertips – live in real-time.

Software Setup

With this information available at the click of a mouse, you will have a clear view of the state of your business, whenever you need it. Our Odyssey Business Knowledge professionals will provide:

  • A personalised review and assessment of what your business needs
  • Complete rebuild of your accounts so everything reconciles from day one
  • Set up accounts in the best suited software (chart of accounts, customer/supplier/employee files, opening balances from your accountant)
  • Advise on best suited software for your business needs
  • Bookkeeping Software Setup

Let Odyssey Business Knowledge take care of your bookkeeping software needs. You will be impressed by our professional and friendly approach, and with you not having to worry about finding time to do bookkeeping, the results will also be reflected in the increased performance of your business.

Odyssey Business Knowledge makes your bookkeeping simple. We give you time to focus on growing your business, and you can leave the time consuming and mundane bookkeeping hassles to us. Call us on 1800 625 287.