Bookkeeping – Debtor management

Odyssey Business Knowledge can become your very own accounts department and save you from all the stress and time in paying, scheduling and processing the payment of your bills.

This would ensure that your customers pay their bills in a timely fashion, and the number of overdue bills are kept to a minimum.

Odyssey Business Knowledge could be that staff member!

Our Gold Coast and Perth offices could implement an ongoing system to follow up with your customers to ensure you are getting paid on time.

Odyssey Business Knowledge can take over the task of your debtor management by:

  • Sending reminders to your debtors before the invoices become due
  • Calling your debtors on a certain day of the week
  • Calling your debtors a certain amount of times after the due date
  • Issuing friendly reminders, or taking a much harder approach to collect payments– the choice is yours.

The benefits of using Odyssey Business Knowledge Debtor Management Services are:

  • Flexibility for business owners – You don’t have to hire someone to do this job for you, or try to find time to do it yourself.
  • Having your own professional debtor management department – Odyssey Business Knowledge professionals act on your behalf, saying we are from your accounts department when making calls and even using your nominated email address to send reminders. This adds a level of professionalism to your business.
  • Discipline – As a business owner you frequently don’t have time for debtor management yourself, which means that payments due can be overlooked, but Odyssey Business Knowledge will do it every time without fail. This will add discipline not only to your own organisation, but can help keep your customers disciplined in paying your invoices.
  • Cash flow – The biggest advantage of professional debtor management is stability and an increase to your cash flow. Over time your clients will make payments on time because they know they will be getting a call or email as soon as they are late.
  • Bad debtors – At the very least you will know who is not paying your bills even after reminders and follow up calls – allowing you to make decisions on whether to take further legal action or to stop dealing with the customer.
  • Reporting – A customised report will be sent to you based on your requirements.

You have completed the work, and you need to be paid – or what is the point of being in business? Don’t let your debtors take advantage of the fact that you don’t have the time to follow them up. Call Odyssey Business Knowledge today in Gold Coast or Perth, and let us take over your debtor management.

A simple change that will make a big difference! Odyssey Business Knowledge Gold Coast and Perth – for all your bookkeeping needs! 1800 625 287.